My Journey From Network Engineer to iOS

I am an adventurous, creative, easy-going, and love software engineering. That is my profession. I have been developing software for the last 10  years. It all started in 2006 with C and my very first “Hello World” program. I was overly excited when I saw my code come to life. I knew at that moment, that I wanted to become a software engineer. At that time I started taking my first C class and then I took Flash , logic, Java, JavaScript, and Web programming classes. I made flash websites and learned how logic works. I made some GUI using Java swing. I felt like I was in heaven. I stayed up late night just to finish a website or a programming project.  From that day on my life got a new meaning. I had finally learned how to create a software rather than do the boring network admin.

I continued to take classes in assembly programming, C#, php, database, C++, advanced data structures, and algorithm. In that year I was playing lots of games. I was playing adventure and action adventure games. My favorite games of all time were Monkey island, Myst, and I loved adventure games. Later I started playing Uncharted series which I loved.  I picked up a book called Beginning Game Programming. I learned DirectX and started developing a game engine in 2D. It was fascinating to be able to see objects being drawn and being able to manipulating them. I created my first game using C++ and DirectX. This was a simple game that allowed the player to move boxes and catch falling objects. Long story short, I enrolled in Game And Simulation Programming where I learned everything there was about game programming. I made a 3D game using Unity called FireBubbles. It was about a fish lost looking for her mother, but has to go through dangerous worlds. I created bots that would attack the fish. I also worked on camera orientation and positioning. Another game that I worked on was a 3D zombie game. I also learned Unreal, Unity, and Torque game engine.  I tried getting in game companies but they wanted me to start as a tester. I didn’t want to wait and wanted to do hand on coding. Luckily,  Devry career center found me my first contract job at SPL. I created websites using C# and Microsoft SQL to manage real estate documents. Long story short, I worked several years as a web developer and when I picked up my first book on Objective -C I knew I wanted to become an iOS developer. This is where my journey started in the mobile world. I worked several places and learned lots about mobile world. Now I have over 5 years experience developing , architecting , and testing iOS iphone and ipad apps. I created this website to write and share my thoughts about iOS app development.