From Games To Mobile

Capturing My transition to Mobile

It was the mobile age. Everyone was excited about lining up to get the newest iPhone. I wanted to be part of this mobile evolution. I decided to jump right in and take a big plunge into the mobile world. I went online and watched tutorial after tutorial and read numerous Objective -C books. I felt that objective – C was weird at first but then I got used to it. My first job that allowed me to transition from web to Mobile, was FinalDraft. At that time I was proficient in both C++ and Objective-C. I was hired as a C++ programmer but I did cross development using both C++ and Objective – C. I learned about Mac development and more on mobile development. I learned about regression, unit, and UI testing. I wrote tests using C++ and worked with graphics and low level c code. I also worked on Final Draft Reader and Final Draft Writer mobile.  I felt the need to work 100 % mobile and I got my next opportunity at Age Of Learning.  I helped the team transition web-views to native. I was also in charge of adding animation, working with CoreAudio, AVFoundation, and supporting many sizes and versions of iPad and iPhone.  I also made a native page tracker there. This tracker would record touches on pages and track them with user id of the user and make a post request to persist the data on the server. After working there for a year, The company decided to use Unity for their mobile app and give us the option to learn unity or quit. I didn’t want to become Unity developer and continued my career as a iOS developer by accepting a job at Fonality. I was hired at Fonality to fix there bugs on their existing mobile application. One of the first bugs was sorting chats and some threading problems. They also wanted us to write a new app that had other features and was cleaner in architecture than their existing app. I and my co-worker wrote the app using Objective-C at first and later transitioned to Swift. I wrote Background controller that fetched responses in the background after making a post. This allowed the app to stay alive to receive incoming calls.  I also wrote the wrapper around pjsip library using C++ that called into Swift code. I  added voicemails and chatting to the app. We did caching using CoreData. Again the unfortunate happened , the company lost their mobile vision and placed me on their web project. They wanted me to create the same experience on the web using node.js, proton, and c++. Again I wanted to stay and work fully mobile so I decided to join LegalZoom.

LegalZoom hired us to create their flagship app from scratch using all Swift. I architected , added features, added unit tests, UI tests, and worked with remote teams to create and release the app in 4-5 months.  I worked on their Estate Planning app . This app allowed users to login and be able to schedule consultations with attorneys and tax accountants. The plan for Estate Planning gives the user unlimited access to a cloud storage called BOX. I was i charge of developing a file manager that interfaces with BOX. The user is able to attach legal documents during the consultation.  i also worked on touch-id, custom transitions, custom controls, on boarding and tutorial pages, custom layout using auto layout, interfacing with camera and controller.  I created history tracker for the file manager, and worked on adding authorized user section for the app. My work also entailed working with jenkins server and addins scripts to output results of tests.